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Adding goodness on earth…
Sujivan is an organization with a spectrum of activities that touch the human life positively. The word Sujivan is comprised of two Sanskrit syllables; su and jivan. Su represents goodness and jivan means life. Hence Sujivan is related to anything and everything that enhances the goodness in life!

Back in 1981, we kicked off with the field of health and fitness through the disciplines of Martial arts and Yoga. As with the passing of time we added feathers to the crown; that was Natural Healing systems comprising Reiki, Acupressure, Pranic Healing and Massage. Now, let us see how these disciplines are helpful in adding goodness in our everyday life.

The blend of these ‘Life Skills’, benefited our members immensely. So we brought it to the society at large, through various courses. Its benefits were obvious so even a well known T.V. channel aired our fitness programme for quite some time. We also started Social services for the people not so fortunate. In whatever small way we could, we stood by the people at the time of quake and flood. You can see the section of Social services in this site for more details. We have started Eco awareness programmes, especially Nature education camps and Tree plantation. Our goal is to plant at least a hundred thousand trees.